Dividing Your Loved One’s Cremains

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, March 13, 2023

When it comes to cremation services in Elgin, SC, many families may be divided on what to do with the cremains of their loved one. While some family members may wish to have them scattered in a place that was special to the deceased, other members may wish to keep the cremains close to them in an urn in their home. Yet other members of the family wish to all have a portion of the cremains.

When situations like this arise, you may wish to consider dividing the cremains. But how? This can be extremely intimidating especially if the cremains are already held in one single urn. Today we are going to talk about how to divide the cremains, why families may do so, and share other helpful tips so that you can feel more confident about this process.

Why Might Families Choose to Divide Cremains?

As mentioned, there are several reasons families may choose to divide their loved one’s cremains. One reason is that there are several family members who all wish to have a portion of the ashes. This could be so that they can make a piece of cremation jewelry or maybe they want to place them in a keepsake urn and keep in their home.

Another situation where ashes may be divided is if the family simply cannot agree on what should be done with the ashes. Dividing them up gives each family member a chance to do with them as they each please.

Many families may divide their loved one’s ashes because it is what their loved one wanted and requested before they passed. By dividing the ashes they are honoring the last wished of their loved one.

Who Divides the Cremains?

There are no laws or regulations when it comes to dividing ashes. This means that no one person is in charge of this act. Who divides the ashes can be entirely left up to the family. It could be a family member or even a close family friend. Many times the funeral or cremation director can also assist with the dividing.

How Do You Divide the Cremains?

How you divide the cremains will depend on what type of urn you have an who is doing the dividing. An example is if the cremation director is diving the ashes and you have already purchased all of the individual keepsake urns, the cremains can be delivered to the family already divided.

However, if the cremains are already in one urn and need to divided, the person in charge of dividing the ashes will need to open the urn per the instructions and divide the ashes as needed.

Considerations When Dividing Ashes

It is important to take into consideration any religious beliefs the deceased had before dividing their cremains. This is because while many religions are now more accepting of cremation, many believe that the ashes should remain intact and stay together, therefore dividing them would not be approved or appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Dividing a loved one’s cremains after their cremation services in Elgin, SC. may not be the best solution for every family, but for other families, it can be a perfect fit. While dividing the cremains can be intimidating, there is help. If you would like more information or tips on dividing your loved one’s cremains, feel free to reach out to us any time as we are always here to help.

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