Top 4 Most Unique Ideas for Cremains

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, November 28, 2022

If you have looked into cremation services in Lugoff, SC. you might have noticed all the unique and wild things you can do now with the cremains. While once it was customary to hold the cremains in a display urn, nowadays you can do everything from shooting them into space to turning them into a real diamond. If you are at all curious about some of the stranger ways tiy can handle cremains, keep reading as we explore some of our favorites.  

1. Sending Cremains Into Orbit (and Beyond)

As mentioned, yes, you can actually send cremains into space. One company, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights, actually takes a portion of the cremated remains into near-space, Earth orbit, to the lunar surface, or beyond. These remains are launched and taken with actual space missions and the celebration includes launch site tours, interaction with astronauts, and more. If your loved one adored space or sci-fi, this is such a fitting way to handle their cremains. And since they just send a portion of the cremains, if you wanted to , you could still have some ashes here on earth in a an urn. 

2. Turning Ashes Into a Diamond 

Want something bright, shining, and that lasts forever? A diamond is a great choice.  There are companies that take a portion of your remains and, through a recreation of natural process in their lab, turns them into a diamond. You can then use this diamond as you would any other stone and have it set in a piece of jewelry or display it on a shelf or desk. The price varies and depends on how big you would like the diamond to be.  

3. Creating a Vinyl Record 

If music is more your loved one’s passion, you can have their ashes infused with a vinyl record. These records also come with the option to have sound recorded on them. Typically actual songs may be copyrighted and not allowed, but many families opt to add a track of their loved one’s voice on the record. They may get this from an old home movie or a recent recorded video from a phone.  

4. Under the Sea

Did you loved one adore the ocean and marine life? If so, you can have their ashes transformed into an actual coral reef. With this option, the remains are infused with an environmentally safe cement mixture that is designed to create artificial reef formations. It is then placed on the ocean floor as a permeant reminder and tribute.  

Final Thoughts

These are some really interesting ways to handle cremains after a loved one’s cremation services in Lugoff, SC., but this is in no way, all of the options. A simple search online for how to handle cremains will yield a ton of options that include things like using a portion of ashes in actually tattoos to putting them in a stuffed animal urn you can actually cuddle with. And of course, if a traditional urn is more your thing, there are a ton of options for styles and designs.

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