Short Guide to Grave Markers: What You Need to Know

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, March 6, 2023

One decision you will need to make when finalizing arrangements with funeral homes in Elgin, SC. for your loved one is what type of grave marker you will want. While upright headstones are a very popular option, flat markers are also very commonly chosen. This can be for several reasons including the fact that they can be found at a much lower price point than a larger upright headstone.   

What is a Grave Marker?

A grave marker is different than a headstone in that the marker lies flush with the ground. With a headstone being upright, grave markers are much smaller and simple. Typically you will find these grave markers being only about three to four inches thick and rectangular in shape. They will be rough on three sides and smooth on the sky-facing side where the etching of the deceased’s name and dates will be. These markers are also referred to as grass markers and flush markers and while they can be found in standard sizes, can be customized for your loved one.  

What Size Are Grave Markers?

You can typically find grave markers to be made in three standard sizes. These include: 

  • 24 inches by 12 inches 
  • 28 inches by 16 inches 
  • 18 inches by 24 inches  

Companion grave markers are typically found to be: 

  • 36 inches by 18 inches 
  • 48 inches by 14 inches 

How Much Do Grave Markers Cost?

Of course the price of the grave marker you select will depend on many variables such as the material used, size, and custom options. Generally speaking, you can fin average prices being about $400 range for a 24 inch by 12 inch marker.  

Popular Grave Marker Designs

There are several options when it comes to grave maker designs. Some of the most common include colored granite, 3D Bronze, marker with added symbols, marker with included flower vase, and a marker with an image.

Many design that families choose to have etched or engraved include leafy borders, hearts, religious symbols, florals, images of the deceased or special scene.

Where Do You Purchase a Grave Marker?

If you are interested in purchasing a grave marker, you can do so through many vendors. Many headstone providers also offer grave marker options. You can also choose to search online on sites like Amazon and Etsy. Many funeral homes offer headstones and grave markers as well.  

If you are purchasing online, just make sure to keep the cost of the shipping and handling in mind when making the purchase to ensure you stay within your budget. Also, look at how long shipping times are so you can make sure you will receive the grave marker in time if you need it by a certain date.  

Final Thoughts

To learn more about grave markers  and if they might be a good choice for your loved one, let us know. As directors of funeral homes in Elgin, SC. we are here to answer your questions and guide you along this process. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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