Caring for Your Loved One’s Grave Marker

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, July 18, 2022

When making arrangements with funeral homes in Elgin, SC. one of the elements you will decide on is the grave marker. These come in a variety of types such as flat markers, upright monuments, tombstones, and more. Markers are also available in various colors, materials, and designs. All of this can make choosing the perfect type and style a little challenging. However, once you decide, you will have a permanent memorial for your loved one.

Because of the importance of this memorial, you want it to last and look it’s best. While the cemetery often performs routine maintenance and upkeep of the grounds, they typically do not care for induvial markers. To ensure your loved one’s marker stays in good condition, you will need to be sure to clean and maintain it.

Clean Around the Marker

The first thing you can do to make sure the marker stays looking nice is to clean up the area around it. Whether your loved one has an upright monument or a flush marker, clear away any branches, twigs, rocks or other debris that does not belong.  Don’t forget to pull any weeds or vines that may be growing near or on the marker.

Asses the Marker

While you are cleaning around the marker, inspect it and see if there is any damage or other issues that you need to address. If you notice any damage such as cracks or chips, you may need to call a restoration company for repairs.

General Cleaning

If the marker is dirty or dingy, make sure to give it a good general cleaning. This is not difficult and can do wonders in making the marker look new again. The cleaning process will differ slightly depending on what material your marker is made from.

In general, to clean the marker you would start by soaking it down with clean water. You could do this with a bucket of water, a spray bottle, or a hose. Then, depending on the material, you would use a cleaning solution and a soft brush or cloth and gently scrub the maker. After it has been scrubbed, you would rinse the cleaning solution off with clean water. When rinsing, make sure to start at the top of the marker and work your way down to ensure all of the cleaning solution is washed off completely.

To learn more about what cleaning solution to use for your specific material your marker is made from, contact the marker provider.

Add a Special Touch

Adding flowers or other memento is always a nice touch when visiting your loved one’s gravesite. Although it is not needed for upkeep of their marker, it adds a personal touch to their site and lets them know you are thinking about them.

After your loved one’s services with funeral homes in Elgin, SC. visiting their gravesite can bring you feeling of closeness to them. Making sure their gravesite and grave marker stays clean and looking good is a small way you can honor and remember them.

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