Selecting Your Loved One’s Burial Attire

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, February 6, 2023

When meeting with funeral homes in Lugoff, SC. about your loved one’s arrangements, there are many decisions you will need to make. Other than the type of casket and burial arrangements, one other very important thing to consider is what you would like your loved one to be buried in. This burial outfit can sometimes be tough attire to pick out. However, if you follow the tips below, it can make the process a little easier.

Consider Your Loved One’s Personal Style

Most everyone has a personal style of clothing they tend to wear. This may be for some more of a formal attire while other may prefer a style that is more casual or even athletic. In the case of burial outfit, it should lean on the more formal style, but still reflect your loved one’s own personal style. This means that even if there is an outfit you really liked seeing them in, consider if it’s something they really enjoyed. Make sure whatever outfit you decide reflects their style rather than you own.

Make the Outfit Personal to Your Loved One

While it may be expected for guests to the funeral to be dressed in nice, dressy clothes, this doesn’t mean your loved one has to be. Don’t be afraid to add an element or piece of clothing that was personal to them. If your loved one had a favorite football jersey, for example, consider that for the outfit. Maybe they had a school uniform or favorite jacket, if so, consider using these items.

Things to Consider When it Comes to Jewelry

Jewelry can be a lovely accessory to just about any outfit and if your loved one wore jewelry on a general basis, you may want to include a piece or two with their outfit. When selecting the pieces make sure to keep a few things in mind.

First, if the piece is a special piece that has meaning, you may wish to keep it so that it can be handed down to future family generations. Once it is buried, it will be lost forever. Also, think about how the jewelry will look when your loved one is in a laying position. A necklace that looked wonderful when worn before may not lay right or fall to one side when in the laying position. This would cause the necklace not to be seen at all or give a messy overall appearance to your loved one.

Don’t Forget the Undergarments

Even though it is true the undergarments will not be seen, it is a good idea to include them. This helps ensure your loved one is properly dressed with dignity and respect they deserve.

Does Your Loved One Need Shoes?

Since the shoes are not typically seen, most funeral homes recommend forgoing the shoes. This is also because they can be difficult to put on the body as the body may swell or become rigid.

While it is never easy to bury a loved one, the outfit they are laid to rest in should be selected thoughtful and carefully. As directors of funeral homes in Lugoff, SC.,  we are here to assist you and, if need be, help you choose the most appropriate outfit for your loved one.

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