Why Families May Choose Cremation Over Burial

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, August 22, 2022

When it comes to choosing between cremation or burial, families may take many things into consideration. Just some of these things may include the family’s budget, religious beliefs, as well as where they would like their loved one’s final resting place to be. With cremation services in Columbia, SC. becoming an increasing more popular choice, let’s look more at how this option compares with a traditional burial and why families may opt for this choice.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is an act of body disposition. It is carried out but the body being taken to the crematory and being placed in a cremation container. This container is like a casket but made from a thinner material. The container and the body are then placed into the cremation chamber and heat is used to recue the body to its mineral compounds. These remains are the ashes that are then returned to the family.

Cremation Can be an Economical Choice

When it comes to budget, cremation can be much better fit for some families over traditional burial services. This is because with burial services that include things such as visitations and funerals where the body will need to be prepared to be displayed, services such as embalming and hair and make-up will need to be performed all increasing the overall cost.

With cremation- especially direct cremation- there is no need for these extra services therefore, the overall cost can stay much lower.

Cremation Provides More Options for the Final Resting Place

When it comes to cremation, families have a wide range of options as to where to what to do with their loved one’s remains after the cremation.  Families may choose more traditional options such as keeping the ashes in an urn and having it displayed in their home, while others may choose to release the ashes back into nature with a casting ceremony.

However, those are not the only options. Today there are more ways than every to use loved one’s ashes from turning them into a diamond using them in ink to get a cremation tattoo, having them forged into a glass sculpture or vinyl record to even having them shot into space or turned into a living coral reef.

Cremation Can Provide More Time and Flexibility

With burials, any services associated such as funerals or visitations need to be performed by certain times. This makes the timeframe for planning such services short.

With cremation, the body has already been disposed so the family has much more time and flexibility in planning any services. This extra time can also be very beneficial if there are family or friends who live out of town and need more time to arrange for travel plans as well as taking off work.

Final Thoughts

Cremation services in Columbia, SC. are rising in popularity each year more and more over burials. Although burials are the perfect fit for some families, you can see why other families may choose cremation. To learn more about cremation as well as the different types and services it can include, call or come by anytime as we would love the opportunity to talk with you and your needs.  

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