Are You Using One of These Excuses to Put Off Preplanning?

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, January 23, 2023

Ask anyone if preplanning your final arrangements is important and just about all of them will agree that it is. Yet everyday people put off this important task thinking they will get to it “later”. As providers of cremation services in Columbia, SC. we have heard a variety of reasons people have put off making arrangements and today we are listing the top three. Are you guilty of using one of these to put off preplanning? 

1. “I’m Too Young”

Look, we get it. When you are young, you feel invincible. You feel as if nothing is going to happen to you and you are going to live forever. However, the painful truth is that is simply not the case. Things can happen no matter what age you may be. Even if you are young and healthy, nobody can ever guarantee how much time they have in this world.   

One piece of advice is that even if you do not make complete final arrangements as this  stage of your life, it is a good idea to at least take steps in that direction. You could so this by setting up a savings account specially for services or make your lasty wishes known in writing.  

2. “I’m Too Busy”

Between work, school, kids, errands, shopping, etc. you are busy. We understand that in this day and age we are all running around multitasking from one project and chore to the next.  Even though this is a valid point, it is not a reason to put off preplanning.  

Don’t think you have time? Think about this; we make time for things we deem as important. Make preplanning a priority and you may be amazed at how the time to do so appears.  

3. “I Don’t Want to Think About My Death”

Trust us, you are not alone. Nobody likes thinking about their own death. Thinking about one’s own mortality and facing death can be a very uncomfortable issue for many people. However, once the preplanning is complete and you know your family s taken care of and your last wishes are known and will be completed, you can have a big peace of mind knowing that it is all taken care of.

Final Thoughts

All three of the above reasons are valid in people’s minds for putting off preplanning. However, they should still not stop you from making your arrangements.. Preplanning is not something to do just for you so that your wishes are known, but it helps your family immensely at the time of your passing.

They will already have many decisions to make and things to handle. By having everything already arranged, they will have much less to deal with and can focus of grieving rather than making arrangements.

As providers of cremation services in Columbia, SC. we can help you in this preplanning stage. We will work with you one-on-one to go over your wishes and walk you through the process so that nothing gets overlooked. Call of come by today and ley’s get this taken care of.

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