Preplanning Your Last Wishes

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, June 6, 2022

While we may never know exactly when our death will occur, one thing we can do is to plan for it and make sure we are as ready as we can be. Ensuring things have been planned, organized, and laid out can help those left behind know what we want and help ease some of their burden. Last wishes, the final resting place you choose, and what type of services held are just some of the things that directors of funeral homes in Columbia, SC. can help you plan.

Although most people preplan the more obvious elements such as what type of services they would like, they may overlook the other details such as who they would like to officiate the service.  Keep reading to learn more about the things you need to plan but might overlook.

Wishes for Services

The first thing to decide when it comes to preplanning your services is what type you would like to have. If you are more religious, you may wish to have a funeral. Along those lines, would you like to have a visitation or viewing? If you would like to give your family more time to plan a service, or have one that is more secular in nature, you might consider a memorial service or celebration of life event.  

Once you decide on the type of service held, you will need to decide any specifics of that service. For example, is there a certain song you would like to have played? Perhaps there is a meaningful poem or lyric you would like to have read. Do you have a person in mind to officiate the service? A location you would prefer? Are there any special flowers you would like the room to have?  A message you would like to include in the memorial program? Consider the different elements of the service and voice any wishes you have. 

Burial / Gravesite Wishes

When it comes to your final resting place, there are also many choices people may overlook in the planning stages. Do you have anything that you would like to include, takeaway, or make sure it’s done in a specific way when it comes to this service? Any traditions you would like to include such as family or guests placing a flower on the casket? A song being sung, or poem read? 

Other than the service, there is the site itself. Consider things like the headstone. Is there a certain epitaph you would like engraved? Do you have a nickname that you would like included on the stone? Any specific emblem or image that should be included in the engraving?  Whatever you decide, make sure to check with the cemetery since each one has different rules on what is (and what isn’t) allowed when it comes to headstones.   

Final Thoughts

While some people may not need to preplan all of these details with funeral homes in Columbia, SC., as they don’t have a lot of specific wishes they want to be followed, if you do, now is the time to make those wishes known. If you have any questions or need help preplanning your final wishes, give us a call or come by and talk with our knowledgeable staff anytime as we are always here to help.

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