What Are Cremation Fireworks?

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, December 26, 2022

Fireworks are part of many of our holidays and important days. We see fireworks on the 4th of July, at weddings and parties, and even in parades and football games. With fireworks being something that represents fun and celebration, one time you normally don’t think of them is when it comes to cremation services in Elgin, SC.

What are Cremation Fireworks?

However, there is a new trend that is changing of all that. What is that trend? It’s called cremation fireworks and it uses a portion of your loved one’s ashes in the fireworks themselves. How it works is a small amount of the cremains (about three tablespoons) is loaded into an empty fireworks shell but a professional pyrotechnics company. There is a fireworks show about three to five minutes long and the last shell fired is the one with the cremains.

How Much are Cremation Fireworks?

The cost of the cremation fireworks show can range greatly in price. It depends on what company you hire to create the show, your location, as well as how long you want the show and what other types of fireworks are involved. An average for a three to four minute how can range around $2700.

Are Cremation Fireworks Legal?

If cremation fireworks are legal or not is a tough question. This is because in some areas they may be , while in others they may not. This is not only because of the cremains inside the fireworks, it is also due to the noise ordinances, if fireworks are allowed in certain areas of the city, burn and fire bans. along with a ton of other rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks.  

If you are wanting to have a cremation firework show for your loved one, always check with not only the firework company but local law enforcement to ensure you are not breaking any laws.  

Where Can I Find a Cremation Firework Company?

Cremation fireworks are still a newer concept. Because of this, there are limited companies offering this service. The best way to find a cremation firework company near you is to run an online search. You can do this buy going to Google and then typing in “cremation firework company near me” into the search bar. This should yield dome results. You might find that there are no companies super close to you. That is okay as many of these companies may travel within a certain miles radius.  

How to Hold a Cremation Fireworks Event

How and when you choose to set up the fireworks is up to you. Some families may choose to have the display go off after a memorial service for their loved one. Other families my choose to have a special dinner or backyard picnic and then have the display go off. Talking to the cremation firework provider can hep you choose where and when the best location may be.  

No matter what you choose, having a cremation firework display after your loved one’s cremation services in Elgin, SC. is a unique and one-of-a-kind way to honor them.

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