Understanding Cremation Terminology

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, October 10, 2022

If you are looking into cremation services in Elgin, SC., you may come across many terms you are not familiar with. Not understanding some of these terms can make the process of choosing cremation more difficult. To help, we have put together a list of commonly used terms as well as their meanings.  

Cremation Terms and Their Definitions  

  • Aerial Scattering - This is the process is which the ashes of the deceased are released into the sky by either a plane, hot air balloon or other form a airborne method.
  • Alternative Container - The body will be placed in this container for cremation. These are typically made from combustible materials such as unfinished fiberboard or pressed wood.
  • Ashes - Also called “cremains”, these ashes are what is left of the deceased after the cremation process takes place.
  • Cremains - Simply another terms used in places of “ashes” when referring to the material left after the cremation process.
  • Crematory - Also called a crematorium this is the facility where the cremation takes place.
  • Direct cremation - This is the most simple form of cremation and does not include any ceremony, visitation, or viewing.
  • Disposition -This refers to the cremated in their final resting place.
  • Embalming - This is the process of preparing the body with the use of chemicals to help slow the decomposition process. It does not fully stop decomposition, but rather slows it down so that families many choose to hold services and view the body.
  • Eulogy - This is a speech given at the service from a friend or family member. It typically talks about the deceased, their life as well as nay stories or memories.
  • FTC Rule - This is a rule imposed by the Federal Trade Commission and states that prices and services needed must be transparent.
  • Funeral Director - This is the member of staff at a funeral homes that works with the family to plan services.
  • Memorial Service - This is a ceremony that is held after a cremation. The cremains may or may not be present during the ceremony in an urn.
  • Niche - A niche is a space in a columbarium that holds an urn. These niches can also be found in mausoleums.
  • Scattering - This is the act of releasing the cremains as an act of love and honor. It is typically done in a space that was special to the deceased such as a favorite hiking trail.
  • Visitation - This is a time where friends and family can visit the grieving family, offer their condolences and view the body of the deceased.

While these are not the only terms you may encounter when making cremation arrangements, we hope this provides you some insight. When talking to providers of cremation services in Elgin, SC., always make sure to ask questions if there is anything you hear and do not fully understand. Any reputable and honest provider will have no issues taking their time and explain everything in as much detail as you need to feel comfortable with the planning and the process. Afterall, this is an important event you are planning and you want to feel confident in its outcome.

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