How to Dress for a Funeral

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, June 20, 2022

If you have to attend a service at a funeral home in Lugoff, SC., you might be feeling a little anxious. This can be especial true if this is the first time to attend a funeral service. Although we hear many concerns and questions like how early you should arrive, where do you sit, and what will happen during the service, the number one thing that causes the most worry is what you should wear. 

In this post we are going to cover the basics of what you should wear to a funeral so that you confident in that your attire. 

Do I Have to Wear Black?

Although the color black is the most common color of clothes for a funeral, it is certainly not the only color.  Other somber, subtle colors are also entirely appropriate. These colors can include shades of dark blues, deep purples, tones of gray and variations of brown can also work.  

The thing to remember is that you want to avoid wearing bright colors. The focus should be on the deceased and not you.  

What Style of Attire?

Unless otherwise noted, most funeral services are a more formal occasion. For ladies, outfits could include: 

  • Pant suit 
  • Skirt and blouse 
  • Dress  
  • Skirt suit 
  • Pants and top 

For men, some suggestions are: 

  • Slacks with a belt and a Polo shirt 
  • Button-down shirt with tie and slacks 
  • Dress suit and tie  
  • Slacks, dress shirt and a blazer 

TIPS: When dressing for a funeral, imagine you are going to church and dress as you would then. Choose conversative clothing that is not revealing or tries to make a statement. You are there to pay respects to the deceased and your clothing should reflect that.  

Can I Wear Jewelry?

Wearing small pieces of jewelry is totally acceptable at a funeral. For women, this could mean a small pair of diamond earrings, a tasteful, minimal bracelet or a dainty necklace. For men, this could include a tasteful watch and wedding ring. Just as with your clothing, you don’t want to make a statement here or draw attention to yourself therefore big, flashy jewelry pieces should not be worn.  

What Type of Handbag Should I Take?

The purse or handbag you choose should also be inline with the guideline of the clothing and jewelry. You don’t want to wear all black, but yet have a handbag that is bright pink with rhinestones on it. Choose a purse or handbag that compliments your attire and is appropriate.   

Other Considerations

Make sure to take into account any other factors that could influence your clothing such as the location or weather. For example, if you are attending a service in the summer, you want to wear light clothes that can breathe. However, sometimes inside buildings can be cold with the AC running so taking a light sweater or shawl might be good idea.  

By following thee tips and keeping these guidelines in mind, you can feel confident that what you are wearing to the funeral home in Lugoff, SC., is entirely appropriate.

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