What to Say After A Death

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, January 9, 2023

You are in your yoga class and you see your friend return for the first time since their father passed away. You start to feel nervous. You want to talk to them but what do you say? Do you mention the death? Do you ignore the topic? As providers of cremation services in Ridgeway, SC. we understand how awkward this situation can be.

You want to say just the right thing. Something profound and meaningful. Something that will truly express the sympathy you feel. Something that will help ease their pain. It’s important to know that any condolences will be appreciated so cut yourself some slack.  To help know more about what to say (or not say) in this situation, keep reading as we cover some of the best practices for what to say after a death.

Address the Passing

Although it may be difficult or feel uncomfortable, it is actually more polite to bring the death up than to ignore it. When you do so you are letting the other person know you are acknowledging what they are going through.

This also opens up the dialogue and gives your friend a safe space to be able to talk about the passing. Knowing they have your support can be just what they need to feel comfortable opening up about what they are going through.

Follow Their Lead

If you find your friend wanting to open up and talk about the death, let them. Try not to interrupt, but let them talk and get as much as they need off their chest. This can be exactly what they need to help them in this difficult time.

At the same time, if they simply say thank you when you offer your condolences and it is clear they do not wish to go into any more conversation about it, respect that and move on to other things.

What Not To Say

It is important to know there are some things you should avoid saying. While you might have the best of intentions, saying things like “I know what you are going through”, doesn’t really help. Even if you have lost a loved one in a similar way, everyone’s situation is unique and everyone processes grief and loss differently. Because of this, even with similar situations, your experience can be very different than theirs.

Also, many people may fall back on saying things like, “He’s in a better place”. Even though you have the best intentions with these words, phrases like this do little to provide the person any comfort.

Final Thoughts

It is never easy to see a friend, coworker, etc. after they have had a loved one pass. Knowing what to say (and what not to say) can be tough. Just know that by offering your condolences and following their lead when it comes to the conversation, the situation will be much easier and comfortable.

As providers of cremation services in Ridgeway, SC. we have additional resources for grieving and how to cope with loss. Should you need any more information, reach out to us anytime as we are always available to help.

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