How to Wear Your Wedding Ring After Your Spouse’s Death

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, January 2, 2023

Losing a spouse can be devasting. You may struggle not only with feelings of sadness and loss but who you are now without this other person as part of your world. Trying to figure out this new reality after their services from funeral homes in Ridgeway, SC. can bring many new questions and decisions that will need to be addressed.  One that we often hear is what to do about wearing your wedding ring.

Some people may prefer to keep wearing it while others may find it too hard to continue to wear. Today we are going to simply share some options to help you think about what you might like to do.

String it on a Necklace Chain

Placing the ring on a necklace chain is a wonderful way to still have and wear the ring but also express that you are a widower. Since this is a fairly common representation of expressing you are a widower, you are less likely to have to explain your marital status to people which can be a relief. This is a popular choice as it also keeps the ring close to your heart.  

Place the Ring on Your Right Hand

A really nice way to transition to a new way of wearing your ring is to simply move it to your right hand. This is an easier step for many to make as the ring is still being worn and is visible to them when looking down at their hands. 

Some people may choose to keep wearing the ring here forever while others may eventually move to another step as taking it off completely and putting it in a safe or wearing it on a necklace. 

Wearing your ring on your right hand also signifies you are a widower so it can make it easier when dealing with new people as you wont have to explain your martial status as much. However, some people see this move as sign that you might be open to and ready for dating again so if this is not the case, you may want to choose another option or be prepared to let people know you are in fact, not ready.  

Stash the Ring in a Safe Space

If you are ready to take the ring completely off, a third option that you could consider is to place the ring in a safe space such as a bank safety deposit box, a safe in your home, or other secret secure spot. Knowing that the ring is safe and there if and when you want it can provide peace of mind.  

Final Thoughts

As directors of funeral homes in Ridgeway, SC., we understand there are many challenging decisions that go along with losing a spouse. What you decide to do with your wedding ring afterwards is a very personal choice. What may work great for one person may not be the best choice for another. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do. Simply listen to your heart and do what feels right to you.

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