What to Know About Oversized Urn

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, October 24, 2022

When making arrangements for cremation services in Ridgeway, SC. an important element is selecting the urn. Many people may be surprised to learn that these special containers are available in various sizes. This means that families not only have to choose the design and style, but they to also pay attention to the overall size of the urn. While most individuals will be able to use a standard sized urn, others may need to choose an oversized option. If you are not sure if an oversized urn is right for your loved one, keep reading.  

Key Takeaways

* An oversized or extra large urns can range from 250 in3 all the way up to 600 in3. These oversized urns are designed for someone who weighs more than the standard of 150 - 250 pounds.

* Some families choose an oversized urn called “companion urn”. These urns have two compartments so that two people’s cremains may be added. 

* Oversized urns are available in material, design, and style as regular urns. They can also be purchased from online urn providers or funeral homes.

Standard Urn Sizes

Adult sized urns can be found in a standard size of 150-250 cubic inches. But what does that mean and how do you know if this will accommodate your loved one? Well, the rule of thumb is that for every pound of body weight your loved one was as their time of their passing represents one cubic inch. This means that, for example, a person who weighed 135 pounds at their passing would need an urn size of 135 cubic inches or more. Therefore, in this case, a standard adult sized urn would work just fine. 

Oversized Urns

However, what if your loved one weighed more than the 150-250 standard size? This is where an oversized or extra large urn would come into play. These urns can range from 250 cubic inches all the way up to 600 cubic inches.  If a family needs a larger option, they can choose an urn that is referred to as a “companion urn”. These urns have two compartments so that two people’s cremains may be added. However, some families choose these urns and use both chambers for one person.  

Types of Oversized Urns

For families and individuals who need an oversized urn, they will find they have several options to choose from. These oversized urns can be found available in most every type of material, design, and style as standard urns. One thing to note however, is that these larger urns can also come with a larger price tag. This can be especially true if families need one that is custom made.  

Where to Purchase Oversized Urns

Oversized urns can be purchased in just about any places standard urns can be bought. This means you can typically find them available from urn providers online as well as funeral homes and directly from urn manufacturers.  

Do You Need an Oversized Urn?

If you wish to keep all of your loved one’s cremains together and they were over the standard 250 size, then you will need to look into oversized urns. However, if your loved one was over the 250 size, but you are planning to scatter some or all of their ashes, or split the cremains between several keepsake urns, you may not need an oversized urn.  

Making sure you have select the correct urn size for your loved one after their cremation services in Ridgeway, SC. is important. If you are unsure of the size needed, make sure to consult the funeral director or cremation provider as they can help you select the right one.

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