Help for Grieving the Loss of a Parent

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, August 1, 2022

Your parent is someone you always imagined being in your life. Even as an adult, you need them to feel centered and grounded. This can all make it that much more challenging when they pass away. As you attend their services at funeral homes in Ridgeway, SC., you may wonder how you will live without them in this new reality.  Although it will take time to begin to fully heal from this loss, there are things you can do to help facilitate this.

Know Your Feelings Are Valid

One of the most important tips when it comes to dealing with the loss of a parent is to know that what you are feeling is valid; whatever that may be. Often times we may feel since we are an adult maybe we shouldn’t be feeling certain feelings or that we should control whatever feelings we are experiencing. That is simply not true.

Grief is going to bring about a wide range of emotions. You may feel sadness, fear, depression, denial, anger, or even confusion. Your parent was a staple in your life. They grounded you and helped you know who you were.  It will take time to learn who you are without them and in the process, you may experience many feelings. Know that this is normal and it part of the process.

Turn to Others

Often times when we grieve, we may begin to isolate ourselves or shut down as it can be hard to talk about or share our emotions. Unfortunately, this is not a healthy way to process grief. When you are feeling this pain and going through this loss it is important you reach out for support when you need it.

This could mean that you turn to people such as other family members, online support groups, a church leader, counselor, or even groups on social media. Having this support can make a huge impact on your mental wellness and the handling of your grief.

Honor Your Parent

Many people find that a wonderful way to help deal with the loss of a parent is to do something to honor them. This could take many forms and what you choose is up to you. Some popular ideas include things such as: 

  • Completing a project they left unfinished
  • Participating in tier favorite hobby
  • Donating your time for a charity they supported
  • Creating a memorial for them- this could be a garden, scrapbook, video or a memorial picture wall
  • Writing them a song or a poem
  • Painting them a picture
  • Plating a tree
  • Donating a bench to a local park or garden

Final Thoughts

After you leave the funeral home in Ridgeway, SC., the reality of the loss of your parent is going to begin to really set in.  Losing this person in your life who has always been there can feel devasting. Knowing how to navigate this new way of life will be challenging, but it can be done. Making sure you do things like reaching out for help, knowing what you are feeling is normal, and honoring their memory when you want to feel close to them can help.  

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