Unusual Ideas for Your Loved One’s Ashes

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, May 23, 2022

If you are considering cremation services in Ridgeway, SC. you will need to also decide what to do with the remains afterwards. While the options used to be either release them in a special place with a scattering ceremony, or keep them in an urn, today, there are many more options to choose from.  

With the rise in popularity and acceptance of cremation, more and more companies are coming up with creative ways to keep the remains. These include everything from turning the ashes into different items completely to keeping them in urns you can actually cuddle with. Keep reading as we dive into some of these unusual options.

Transforming the Remains

If you would like to take a portion of your loved one’s remains and transform them into something new, there are quite a few ways for you to do this. One of these ways is with a memorial tattoo. With this process, a small amount of your loved one’s ashes are taken and infused with the actual tattoo ink. The ink is then used as normal, and the tattoo is applied. This is a safe technique, and the tattoo heals and looks just as any other tattoo.

If you are not ready for a memorial tattoo but like the idea of your loved one’s ashes being infused to create a piece of art, consider a memorial painting. This works in the same way as the tattoo in that the ashes are mixed in with the paint, but instead of being applied on your skin as a tattoo, the artist will paint a picture.  This picture could be that of an image of your loved one, or any other design you and the artist decide on.

Another really unique way to use your loved one’s remains is to have them turned into a diamond. There are companies that will take a porting of the remains and recreate environmental factors so that they turn into an actual diamond. This diamond can then be set in a piece of jewelry or simply sit loose on a desk or shelf.

Unusual Urns

If you would like to keep your loved one’s remains together in an urn, but would like a more unusual option, you have many choices.

One of these is the stuffed animal urn. These urns are actually very similar to a stuffed toy except inside there is a special compartment to store your loved one’s remains. These urns are soft enough to cuddle with and some even offer the option to be dressed in an outfit made from your loved one’s old clothes.

Another unique option is the hourglass urn. These urns act as an hourglass except they use your loved one’s remains rather than sand. Some of these may not be entirely accurate but make a wonderful display and a way to remember that time and life is limited and precious.

Themed urns are also especially popular. These can be anything from a sports team theme to a T.V. show or movie. You can find several unique options by doing an online search.

You can see that after your cremation services in Ridgeway, SC., you have a ton of various options for the remains. And with cremation rising in popularity, who know what other options may be available in the future.

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