How to Plan a Tree With Cremated Ashes

By: Powers Funeral Home
Monday, June 13, 2022

Planting a tree is a wonderful way to honor and remember you loved one. Not only does the act itself help in healing, but you also have a living thing you can watch grow and flourish over the years. If you are interested in plating a tree as a tribute after your loved one’s cremation services in Columbia, SC., keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about this special memorial.

What You Need

To plan a tree for your loved one, you will first need to purchase an urn. There are many biodegradable options to choose from as well as specifically designed tree kit urns. You want to avoid placing anything in the ground that is not biodegradable or specially for this purpose as it can harm the environment.

You also want to avoid placing the cremated remains directly into the ground as they can actually interfere with the growth of the tree because they have a high ph balance. If you want to plant a tree without the use of an urn, you can find a specific soil mixture that you mix the cremated remains into. This mixture is designed to help lower the ph balance which will help the tree grow.

Next, you will need a tree. It is important to do your research here before you purchase the tree to ensure you get a type that can grow in your climate. You can find information about this online or visit a local nursery or arboretum and talk to a professional. You will also need to decide if you want just a seed or a tree that has already started to grow.

How To Plant the Tree

Once you have your tree and your urn, it’s time to plant the tree. If the tree is just a seed, dig a hole approximately 7” deep and place the urn and the seed into to the hole. Cover the urn with soil making sure there is a layer covering the urn of about 1”. Water occasionally as needed.

If you are planting a tree that has already started growing, the steps are a little different. With a young tree you will want to dig a hole 2-3 times the size of the tree’s root ball. Then before planting, you want to loosen the tree’s roots by laying the tree on its side and using your fingers, loosen the dirt and roots. Place the urn in the dirt with the tree and cover the hole. You may need to stake and the tree to ensure it is secure as it grows.

Where to Plant Your Tree

Where you plant your tree is an induvial choice. Some people who have a home may wish to plant the tree in their yard or garden so they can tend to it daily. Others may choose to plant it in a park or other special location where they can still drive by or go and visit it. Just make sure if you are placing it on property other than your own you check with law enforcement to ensure it is legal.

Planting a tree after your loved one’s cremation services in Columbia, SC., is a wonderful tribute and memorial to them. It provides a healing activity that aids in the healing process as well as provides a beautiful way to remember them. 

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